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Saki Muramoto

Born in Shizuoka, Japan, 1988.Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, School of Media Design, Department of Visual Media in 2011. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation in 2013. Now I'm working as a freelance animation director.




It's time for supper. 

           ASK? Film Festival 2013 (Japan)  -Tomohiro NishimurAward

           The 17th Japan Media Arts Festival (Japan) -Jury Selections

         15th TBS DigiCon6 Awarda (Japan) Silver DigiCon6 Award, and                      Outstanding Performance Award 

People who are eating 

           ASK? Film Festival 2012 (Japan)  -ASK? Award

Saki's freckles

           The 4th Digital Okayama Grand Prix  -Grand Prix


Exhibition and Screening

2015   Night Zoo at Kanazawa Zoo (Yokohama)

2014   ANIME SAKKA ZAKKA RETURN (Tokyo) -"It's time for supper."

           ASK? Film Festival 2013 (Tokyo) -"It's time for supper."

           Night Zoo at Kanazawa Zoo (Yokohama) - "Sleepy Wonbat"

           Honmoku Art Project (Yokohama)

2013   Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New

           Media, Department of Animation 4th Graduation Exhibition"SAIL"               (Yokohama) -"It's time forsupper."

           ANIME SAKKA ZAKKA (Tokyo) -"It's time for supper."

           Dainagiya Electronic brain Exhibition -"People who are eating"

           Animation Exhibition of Koji Yamamura Selection (Yokohama)-                   "People who are eating" and "It's time for supper."

           ASK? Film Festival 2012 (Tokyo) -"People who are eating"

2012   GEIDAI ANIMATION 03 TALK at Theater cafe (Aichi) -"People who              are eating"

2011   Nagoya Art Animation "The Renaissance" (Aichi) -"Until they                         become a pigeon" 

2010   Flat animation (Aichi)  -"Saki's freckles"

           The 15th Art Film Festival <Japanese Animation Selection> (Aichi) -            -"Saki's freckles"

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